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MundaWEB is an acronym for; Munda. World. Education. Benefits.

MundaWEB is a Network of Member Businesses, which members use a card

and a phone Application ( App ) to support Charities by sharing their discounts.

The MundaWEB memberships are free of charge.

Every time a MundaWEB member (App user) enters a Business Partners BP’s restaurant to eat; every time they visit a BP”s Club, Bar, Doctor or Dentists practice and spend money they save on the cost of the products and services and at the same time they help and contributing to a good cause.
MundaWEB (Business Partners; BP’s) gives their discount offers to MundaWEB (MW) members (
App Membership users) which vary from 1% to 50% on their products and service.
Retail: Department stores, clothes, shoes, hand bag and accessories, computer, cosmetics, hair salons, beauty parlous, Hospitality: restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, massage, Spa, coffee shops, Service: Lawyers, Real Estate, Accountants, Insurance, Advertising, Medical: hospitals, Dentists, Pharmacies, Opticians, cosmetic surgery, Travel: Concert Organizers, Agents, Airlines, Diving, Tours, Tourist attractions, water parks, sports activities, entertainment etc.
The focus is on profit and share of the participating and in the process to benefit Foundations and Charities. We help instantly by distributing part of the discount granted
directly to Charity Organizations.
With every small transaction you help through your donation. All charity undertakings are tracked and published on our website.

Overview: How does MundaWEB work? To achieve it’s purpose of helping!

MundaWEB members get cash backs on each and every single purchase they make provided the purchases take place within MundaWEB network. In doing so, the company creates a win-win-win situation for everyone. The company has established a network where MundaWEB merchants and members can benefit. Loyalty merchants benefit by gaining a loyal customer base which offers them constant business while MundaWEB members benefit by receiving cash backs whilst at the same time supporting Charities and people in need

Spend in any partner shop

Get instant discount

Help Charity


The MundaWEB system is for everyone involved free of charge, simple, transparent and uncomplicated.

Upon presentation of MundaWEB discount card or phone Application ( App ) consumers receive attractive discounts at our selected MundaWEB partner shops.

Each time you use a MundaWEB discount card or phone Application (App) a discount arises and a part from the discount is directly donated to a registered charity organization.