MundaWEB is an acronym for; Munda. World. Education. Benefits.

MundaWEB is a Network of Member Businesses, which members use a card and a phone Application ( App ) to support Charities by sharing their discounts.

MundaWEB membership cards and the MundaWEB phone Application ( App ) are free of charge, no registration needed, anonymous and transferable.

Spend in any partner shop

Get instant discount

Help Charity


The MundaWEB system is for everyone involved free of charge, simple and transparent. It works anonymously and uncomplicated.

Upon presentation of MundaWEB discount card or phone Application ( App ) consumers receive attractive discounts at hundreds of our selected MundaWEB partner shops through out the Kingdom of Thailand.

Charity is a fundamental, integral part of the MundaWEB model. Each time you use a MundaWEB discount card or phone Application (App) a discount arises and a part from the discount is then donated to a charity organization in the Kingdom of Thailand.


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